Séance du séminaire “Recherche, arts et pratiques numériques” avec David Redmon, IMéRA, Marseille, 11 décembre 2019

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Cette nouvelle séance du séminaire “Recherche, arts et pratiques numériques” intitulée “Crime as art”, accueille le réalisateur et sociologue David Redmon.
David Redmon est membre de la Fabrique des écritures et actuellement résident à l’IMéRA. Il a réalisé, avec Ashley Sabin, de plusieurs longs métrages documentaires. Il présentera leur projet en cours Kim’s video.

Seront également présents, Boris Pétric (anthropologue et cinéaste au Centre Norbert Elias) et Frédéric Pouillaude (Esthétique et théorie de l’art moderne et contemporain, Aix-Marseille Université).


Kim’s Video – formerly located at St. Marks Place in NYC – was known to have one of the most comprehensive video collections in the world. However, with the rise of digital streaming, Kim’s Video, as a business model, became obsolete. In September 2008, its owner Mr. Yongman Kim put an open call on the Internet offering to donate his entire collection of 55,000 VHS and DVDs. He received over 60 offers, and chose to send the collection to Salemi, Sicily. But why and how was the now-defunct video store Kim’s Video (NYC) sent to Sicily? What happened to the Kim’s Video collection after it arrived to Sicily? What is the state of the collection today – 11 years later?
Kim’s as a commodity chain raises questions about the redistribution of material media and ownership circulated and transferred under nebulous claims. Aside from the ongoing disappearance of material media (VHS, Cassette, DVD), the physicality of an archive such as Kim’s – and what it promotes – is a valuable and worthwhile cultural resource in an age of de-materialization and digitization. My talk concludes with a discussion of how criminal fantasy has been injected into documentary cinema as performance art to address the real.


Mercredi 11 décembre 2019
IMéRA – Maison des astronomes
2 place Leverrier, 13004 Marseille
Entrée libre.